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Seed to Plate

Locally | Responsibly | Sustainably

Our vision is to ensure local, affordable, and sustainable seed to plate food availability for future generations.


Our divisions are the pillars of our organization, united in the common goal of affordable and sustainable food availability.

Climate Control Systems greenhouse
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Greenhouse automation software and solutions to help growers achieve a better crop while saving precious time. Our products are designed to help greenhouse owners maximize crop yields, help manage energy costs and help with water and fertilizer conservation.

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Nebula Ozone
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Nebula Ozone advanced ozone sanitation system is ideal for food sanitation, breweries, swimming pools, water treatment, or other applications where a large washdown is possible. Ozone is an environmentally-friendly, stand-alone organic sanitizer which simplifies sanitation, and saves water and energy.

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Nebula Poultry
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At Nebula Poultry we are empowering farmers with technology and services that will allow them to get more from farm to table.

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Medical supplies
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Nebula Medica Supplies is an approved MDEL license holder with Health Canada, authroized to provide Class 1 Medica Devices for human use in Canada. Nebula Medical provides an array of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical, surgical, and dental applications.

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Nebula Fabric
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Our fabric mill will help to empower North American textile companies with the ability for localized high quality fabrics reducing importing costs and allowing for a more secure and profitable source.

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Our Mission

Nebula’s primary mission is to profitably expand our leadership in food production and safety in a localized manner through the decentralization of the food supply chain via sustainable resources, modernized technology systems, and self-sufficient processes.