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Vertically Integrated Turnkey Solution Provider for the Primary Producers

Our vision is to ensure local, affordable, and sustainable food production facilities for future generations through automation and process controls ensuring profitability and increased availability of fresh food, clean water, reduced power and less demand on these extremely sensitive resources.

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Nebula is a vertically integrated turnkey solution provider for indoor farming facilities across the world including the design, build, engineering, automation and equipment supply for the indoor farming facilities like greenhouses, poultry barns, turkey barns and hog barns.

Climate Control Systems greenhouse
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Greenhouse automation software and solutions to help growers achieve a better crop while saving precious time. Our products are designed to help greenhouse owners maximize crop yields, help manage energy costs and help with water and fertilizer conservation.

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Envirotech Ag Systems
Envirotech Ag Systems

Since 1998, Envirotech has been providing innovative and superior equipment and building solutions for livestock producers in North America. Our expert and highly experienced team, creates ideal designs outlining layouts for feeding, watering and/or ventilation system which ensures proper animal flow, room layout and efficient equipment positioning. Providing a one-stop solution to our customers, we supervise equipment installers and trades people required to finalize the specified projects.

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Nebula Ozone
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Nebula Ozone advanced ozone sanitation system is ideal for food sanitation, breweries, swimming pools, water treatment, or other applications where a large washdown is possible. Ozone is an environmentally-friendly, stand-alone organic sanitizer which simplifies sanitation, and saves water and energy.

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Nebula Lighting
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Providing customers and their operation with state-of-the-art technology and service, with solutions based on LED and Automation technologies. Nebula Lighting is helping them step into the 21st century with sustainable and efficient solutions to improve the efficacy of their operations.

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Titanium Mechanical
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Look to the experienced professionals at Titanium Mechanical for heating and plumbing services. With our experience and dedication to your complete customer satisfaction, we can provide the best results.

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South Country Livestock Equipment
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SCLE has over 40 years of experience in designing and outfitting barns, working with pig farmers, chicken farmers, and more to build modern facilities with proper lighting, ventilation, liner panelling – even winching systems. Whatever the ag industry – we can help you design and build a well-functioning system for your operation.

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