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A local, sustainable, and safe food supply

Founded in 2015 in Waterloo, Ontario, Nebula Group is focused on constant innovation and advancement of our technologies. Our primary mission is is to profitably expand our leadership in food production and safety in a localized manner through the decentralization of the food supply chain via sustainable resources, modernized technology systems and self-sufficient processes.

With the ability to offer full climate control systems through proprietary software development and manufactured components we provide leading edge technology for the Agri-Food Sector.

We continue to strive for innovation with our automation systems and technologies, and our solutions are trusted by some of the largest corporations in the world, in sensitive environments and critical operations.

who we are

Based out of Waterloo, ON with divisions spanning North America, Nebula Group is a vertically integrated design engineering equipment supplier for greenhouses, hog barns, layer barns, broiler barns, hatcheries and turnkey barns.

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